VinaQS - Company Trip 2021

VinaQS - Company Trip 2021

    Every year, the Company always focuses on taking care of the mental life for staff after stressful working days and opportunities are created for staff to exchange and increase the spirit of solidarity.

    On April 2nd, 2021, the Company successfully organized a visit to Madagui - Bao Loc with many memorable memories for all staff.   


    The majestic mountain and forest landscapes and attractive games brought everyone together.

    Everyone ate together, had a fun time, and shared with each other about work and life.

    VinaQSers left Madagui- Bao Loc with many unforgettable memories, and until now, we still recall the fun and exciting experiences through days of being together on the trip. They will be forever kept with every VinaQSers from time to time.